Peanuts (Bold)


Botanical Name :

Arachis hypogaea Linnaeus

English Name : Groundnut / Peanut

Hindi Name :


Peanuts (Java)

Peanuts (Java)
Groundnut-or peanut as it is also called-is a four-foliate legume with yellow sessile flowers and subterranean fruits. Native to South America, it originated between southern Bolivia and northern Argentina from where it spread throughout the New World as Spanish explorers discovered its versatility. Today, farmers in Asia and Africa also cultivate it. It is grown under a wide range of environmental conditions in areas between 40 degrees South and 40 degrees North of the equator.

Commercial Varieties

We can offer you the following varieties

New Crop

March-april & october-november


The main use of groundnut is as a source of edible oil, but the high oil and protein contents also make it an important food crop.

Growth Habits

In trade, the bold-seeded types are referred to as Virginia, the small seeded as Spanish, and a third type Runner is also recognized. Generally it takes about 60 days from fertilization to full pod maturity. These occur in various combinations in Asia, Africa, And Americas.